September 14, 2019

“Painting A Sense of Place, Orquevaux, France”

The Chateau D’Orquevaux

What is it when an artist records a sense of place with her brush?

I spent the better part of the summer in the countryside of France doing nothing but being spoiled living in a stunning old chateau, being cooked for and provided with a gorgeous, spacious bedroom and private studio. The estate was full of all the enchanting characteristics one would long for on a faraway getaway to just be creative.

Immersing myself fully with the atmosphere, admiring all the glorious architecture, connecting with like artist souls and enjoying good food and wine and recording all this somehow was my venture.

Little tiny Orquevaux, France, population 75 holds much in the way of beauty and serenity. Three and-a-half hours from Paris by train, this is where Chateau D’Orquevaux majestically stands. Finding this entire experience on Instagram well over a year ago, I drooled at the images I saw and was dumbfounded at the adventure that was tugging at me. Being me, I clicked on EVERYTHING I could find about the chateau, the artist residency ways, and about Ziggy–the man who was offering all of this. It all seemed too good to be true, yet it was. So, I applied and let the universe tell me if I could do what I felt God was nudging me to do. It all came together when I received my letter of acceptance a few months later. I couldn’t believe it! I was going to be off to France for an entire month to just be my creative self. June 2019 couldn’t come fast enough.

Back now with paintings that I created while there, I look forward to showing them all next month. It will be art forged by very personal, intimate experience. There really is nothing better than that.

I invite you! Come and sip and see paintings from my artist residency in France!

October 3, 5:30pm – 7:30pm in the gallery

“A Sense of Place – Orquevaux, France”

Learn more about Chateau Orquevaux

Carole Foret in studio in France
Studying progress of her painting “And This is Your Room”

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