February 13, 2018

Hot New Art at the Botanical Garden!


The Huntsville Botanical Garden was so kind to host an art opening for me February 1 in their beautiful mezzanine gallery. And so many special people gathered for the opening night despite the less-than-desirable weather. Thanks to all of them, especially those who drove hours and hours to be there.  Yes, two friends did that. True friends. I’m painting again for another show coming up in April and another in May! This art at the Garden is there through the end of April with nearly half of it sold already! I feel a measure of success both for me and the garden! They get a nice piece of change when each piece sells, and it’s a win/win all around. When that happens, it’s like all of us raising a cup to the stars! Go by and enjoy the exhibit, and let me know if a piece speaks to you and what it said! Truly, I’d love to know what you think AND if you snag one up for yourself. I wouldn’t wait! My latest clients sure didn’t…



The Aquatic Garden

20″ x 16″

Oil on Canvas




Bouquet in a Vase

30″ x 30″

Oil on Canvas




Breaking Fog

30″ x 24″

Acrylic on Canvas – SOLD



Red Bird

10″ x 8″

Oil on Canvas



The Mezzanine Gallery



Italian Picnic

20″ x 8″

Oil on Canvas – SOLD




Ryman Auditorium

8″ x 10″

Oil on Canvas




Tangled Sunflowers

14″ x 11″

Oil on Canvas – SOLD

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