October 25, 2017

I Get Asked Alot…

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In my studio


A question I am asked a lot in my life is “Do you paint everyday?” I always find that question fascinating as it is usually a 9 to 5-er asking it. It seems part of the answer would be that I am creative pretty much 24/7. But when it comes to having a career as a painter, then the answer isn’t that easy.  There was a time I had help when I had galleries the past 27 years in Florida and Athens, Alabama, that I had wonderful gallery managers, photography assistants, someone to catalog my work–you get the picture. But now, after the digital age has truly settled in to the art and photography world, I do most of my career online…myself. There was a time that I was somewhat on the edge learning how to market online before many artists–not sure how that happened, and I even taught marketing for small business owners that was fun and successful. I say all of this to make a long answer to a simple question that I began with.  The short answer is, no. And hopefully with what I have said, you understand what all it takes to have a thriving art career–much more than just putting brush to the canvas.  I do paint several times during my work week. Sometimes I go through phases of trying to set a time each day to paint, but that usually goes by the way side with life interrupting things.  But, what I can say is that after 27 years of this, an art career is successful to the degree that the artist has discipline to push him/herself, learn to organize the art, photograph it, market it and sell it. The same is true for my instruction component of my career–it takes planning classes, marketing them, collecting payment, and actually teaching.  Don’t even ask about the bookkeeping. My brain doesn’t function easily on the left side…

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