January 3, 2019

Artist-In-Residence in France!

Gearing Up For 2019!

As I arrive at 2019, I squeal a little bit inside, excited about my upcoming artist-in-residence traveling I’ll be doing this year. I’ve known for a few weeks that I have been awarded a most amazing opportunity, and I’m sharing it now. This coming June I take my brushes and paints for a month-long artist-in-residency in Orquevaux, France. I cannot imagine how dreamy this experience is going to be– living in a stunningly renovated chateau with my own beautiful bedroom and studio. This time will be spent getting me out of my comfort zone and creating in a strange, yet beautiful place!  

Who will be attending this artist-in-residency? Well, I don’t know yet! But it will be close to 15 artists working in all different genres. We will share with each other and learn and bond like crazy! That’s my idea anyway. Artists who will be attending this year applied from over 30 different countries globally. I look forward to getting out of my own ways of creating for a while and intermingling with other fabulous artists, sharing and learning from them.

I am so grateful to Ziggy Attias for granting such an opportunity for artists being able to gather in the Champagne region of France and participate in something he dreamt of doing long ago in renovating this jewel. With my background in interior design, just being able to stay at a chateau like this will be such a treat. I will share more as the time nears and hope that you will enjoy following along on social media–Instagram and Facebook. If any news outlets would like to cover this, we can make it happen! #chateauorquevaux #artistinresidence #france #caroleforet







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